Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Najm Household the past few weeks!

The past few weeks have been really busy for us....there have also been a lot of fun things that have happened with the boys.....Last night, Nadim buzzed Hunter's hair off.....I was nervous at first but he looks so cute i am over it now....and in the long run it will be saving us a couple hundred dollars! He was a champ (I bribed him with licorice, his new favorite treat) and he LOVES his new hair......
This was today.....just hanging out on a lazy will probably see this one on the christmas card.....
Football season is hear and you all know that WE LOVE FOOTBALL in our house....every Saturday now, Hunter wakes us up saying "Its Game Day." Needless to say, it pleases Nadim's soul.....after breakfast, the boys get on their USC jerseys and the day has begun......they missed their nap last weekend since we had friends over to watch the game.....they were so tired, they passed out in the living room at like 5pm!
We have been having HUGE problems with napping lately......finally after about an hour and a half of telling them to be quite an sleep, i checked on them to find Ethan in Hunter's buddies.....I love it!
Donuts! My boys LOVE donuts.....does not matter what kind or where they are from, they just love them.....had to capture the breakfast of champion face!

Tony Pepperoni Nights

We have been going to Tony Pepperoni with our good friends the Cains......we love the food, the atmosphere (since our kids literally run laps around the place) and the conversations we are some fun pics from the last TP experience!

Intermediate swimmer

So Hunter started swimming lessons in May and at first he hated it.....couldn't even get him in the water.....Now he loves it......we have kept him going through the fall because he was doing so great, we wanted him to advance as much as possible......he has been stuck at the beginning 2 level for about 3 months (floating on his bask was a HUGE hurdle to overcome) but the other day before his lesson he said, "Mommy, today I am going to kick with my kick board, float on my tummy, float on my back and streamline." I in turn said OK, knowing full well that this probably would not happen.....GUESS WHAT! He did all of it.....and because of that, he passed up a level and is noe Intermediate 1! I could not believe it! This picture is of Hunter and Kristen, our amazing friend who has helped us with these lessons all summer long! Hunter loves her!!!
Hunter and Coach Melinda.....
Hunter got the ring the bell and pick a prize from the treasure chest.....later that night we even went to the candy store to celebrate.....congrats to my little swimmer!

Angels Game

Almost a month ago, (I cannot believe how fast time flies!!!) we took Hunter to another baseball game with my dad and are a few pics from the night......this was before the fireworks started.....i love the smile on his face when he is with his sweet!
Finally got him to take a great pic!
Hunter got a cookie ice cream sandwich and boy was he excited about it.....he was teasing my dad with it.....I love this shot because it totally describes the relationship Hunter has with fun and playful.....he loves his papa!
The fam: Daddy, Aunt Britty, Mommy, Hunter and Papa!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Shake Shack

Thursday Night we decided to drive down the coast and stop off at the Shake Shack.....we always see it and talk about stopping but we never do so off we are the boys checking out the scenery after ordering our shakes......
Hunter and his new cheese silly
Shakes finally came.....Hunter ordered vanilla oreo, Nadim got banana date and Ethan and I shared.....get ready.....dark chocolate mint chip with was awesome.....


Dodger Game

So Friday night Hunter experienced his FIRST dodgers game.....Nadim was beyond a little kid in a candy store.....although it was a long ride on a friday, we finally made it with plenty of time to enjoy dodgers dogs, which Hunter had been talking about for days!
Yep.....He ate the WHOLE thing.....I could not believe it.....and he followed it with fries, watermelon wedges, licorice, frozen yogurt.....he is a bottomless pit!
Dodger dog was great mom!
Our family (minus Ethan) at Dodgers Stadium.....Christmas card watch out.....
National Anthem....
Hunter and Mommy.....
Cheese.....Hunter made friends with everyone we were sitting around....he was talking to them the whole that kid.....
Game over.....dodgers win 2-1.....and the fireworks begin......

Seriously, does it get better than this?

Sunday, August 16, 2009

San Diego

On thursday and Friday we headed down to San Diego for a mini-vacation.....we took the boys to the Zoo and to Sea World....we had a free night at the marriott and it was was the view from the hotel room, which, the boys loved.....hunter did not quite understand what a hotel was, but they loved it.....most of the time they spent looking out the window at the boats and the helicopters flying by!
They spent a lot of time wrestling too!
We walked around the marina, had dinner, got dessert and enjoyed our time was so fun to take a little vacation as a family....that was something we had not done yet and i am sure we will be doing again soon!